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    Mixer Truck


    illustration of mixer truck's wheel base increased by 1,060mm

    Extended wheel base

    The new HD370S Mixer truck boasts a longer wheel base to provide better driving comfort as well as parts-mounting convenience, reflecting local customers’ needs.
    image of a cotrol lever

    Easy-to-Use controls

    image of mixer truck's cement hopper

    Easy loading hopper

    image of a blue cylindrical water tank

    Electric washing system

    rear view image of mixer truck

    Greater loading capacity

    The new HD370S Mixer truck is the right choice for customer’s needs of larger loading capacity.
    image of mixer truck's chute

    Convenient chute operation

    a white control box with 2 orange valve levers and several switchs

    Centralized control box

    3 black oil pipes mounted on white motor

    Powerful hydraulic system


    inside of truck's cockpit with wide dessert view

    The Workplace, as Your Home

    The ergonomically designed driver’s space on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency. The steering wheel with tilting function, well-positioned overhead console and climate control switches are provided for easy to drive. From the wraparound instrument panel and power windows to the central door lock system and numerous storage bins, every feature in the cabin works to relieve the stress and strain of daily driving.
    driver seat on the air suspension kit

    Air Suspension Seat

    The air suspension seat offers an ideal driving position from pneumatic lumbar support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. (Optional on all models)
    image of cluster including speedometer, RPM and fuel gauge and warning lights

    Gauge Cluster

    The instrument cluster in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck stands out with its clear layout and high readability thanks to LED illumination.
    side view of driver seat, window and steering wheel

    Wide and Long Sleeping Bed

    The generously sized bed, clearly separated from driving space, offers cozy relaxation to the fatigued driver. A heating pad is provided for the driver’s convenience.
    center console box with several slots

    Center Console Box

    With various compartment in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck’s cab, wide open stowage area is located in center console for various small items which are required for your business.
    overhead console box is opened

    Overhead Console Box

    The driver will find spacious stowage compartments above the windscreen, which offers sufficient space convenient in holding small goods, maps and various documents needed for your business.
    Choose a Trim
    Mixer Truck : Item, Vehicle, HD270, HD370S
    Item Vehicle
    HD270 HD370S
    CabType Sleeper Cab Sleeper Cab
    Wheel Base Short Short
    Drive System LHD, 6X4 LHD, 6X4
    Application Engines D6CA38B D6CB3H D6CA38 D6CB3H


    HD270, HD370S Dimensions(mm)
    Wheel Base 3,290 + 1,300 = 4,590 5,650
    Overall Length 8,310/8,325 8,555
    Width 2,495 2,585
    height 3,660 3,265
    Wheel Tread Front 2,040 2,068
    Rear 1,850 1,904
    Overhang Front 1,495 1,495
    Rear 2,225/2,240 1,410
    Drum Length 4,178.5 -
    Diameter 2,100 -
    Agitating(m3) 7 -
    Min. Ground Clearance 285 -

    Weight (kg)

    HD270, HD370S Weight (kg)
    Empty Vehicle Weight 11,640 11,650 9,630 9,736
    Max. Gross Vehicle Weight* 28,130 38,000
    Front 6,530 8,000
    Rear 10,800 X 2 30,000
    [note]Max. GVW includes the front & rear axle loads based on the permissible tire load.

    Calculated Performance

    HD270, HD370S Calculated Performance
    Max. Speed (km/h) 101 122(dymos) / 99(zf) 111(dymos) / 96(zf)
    Max. Gradeability (tanθ) 0.267 0.319/0.657 0.288/0.560
    Min. Turning Radius (m) 7.5 9.6


    HD270, HD370S Specifications
    Engine Model D6CA38 / D6CB3H
    Number of Cylinder 6 in-line
    Max. Power/Torque (ps/kg-m) 380/148 (Euro II) 380/160 (Euro 3) 380/1,900 (Euro 2) 380/1,900 (Euro 3)
    Battery 12V X 2, 150 AH at 20 Hr rates
    Transmission Model M12S6 H16056 M12S6(OD) ZF16S151 H160S6 ZF16S151
    Type 6 forward and 1 reverse speed 6 forward and 1 reverse speed, 2nd to 6th synchromesh, 1st & reverse constant-mesh gears 16 forward and 2 reverse speed, 1nd to 16th synchromesh, 1st & reverse constant-mesh gears 6 forward and 1 reverse speed, 2nd to 6th synchromesh, 1st & reverse constant-mesh gears 16 forward and 2reverse speed, 1nd to 16th synchromesh, 1st & reverse constant-mesh gears
    Rear Axle Ratio 5.571 6.676
    Tire (Front / Rear) 11.99 X 20 - 16PR 12.00R24 - 20PR
    Brake Service Brake Full Air with dual circit Full Air, Dual circuit fixed S cam with spring loaded chambers
    Parking Brake Spring loaded type chamber -
    Jake Brake Air operated, butterfly valve type -
    Exhaust Brake Injection cam operated type Air operated, butterfly valve type
    Suspension (Front / Rear) Semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with shakle link Multi Leaf
    FuelTank (Liter) 200 300 liter (steel) 380 liter (al, OPT)
    • 1.This vehicle specifications may differ per country and allow for producton tolerance.
    • 2.Curb vehicle weight includes weight of oil, fuel, coolant and spare tire carrier & bracket, spare tire but exclude standard tool set.
    • 3.Hyundai Motor Company reserve the right to make change in specifications, equipments and design or to discontinue models or options without notice at any time.
    • Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.